The one without a funny title.

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Hey everyone! It’s a shiny new term and that can only mean one thing….I’m already too behind work to write a good blog. So here’s an average (but contemporarily self-aware) blog.

The big thing happening this term is LGBT history month. It’s February! Which is the next month from the month we’re in now! We’ll have many events on in this month, including the possibility of art based events (maybe Harriet can teach me to make a crane this time without sabotaging me). Though if there are any events in particular that people would like us to host, let us know!!

Also we’re going to be hosting a contest for people to design non-heteronormative valentine’s cards. So be thinking of ideas, because I simultaneously want a card that clarifies my bisexuality, and has a cow on it….and I don’t think I can get one from clington cards, so this contest is my best chance.

Finally, as many people are aware, our president has changed her hair colour. Jo is a fun person, and deserves a fun description of her hair, so I have created a list of acceptable descriptions of her hair colour.


• Like a flaming fairy
• A fire nymph sitting on someone’s head
• Like Ariel, but less obsessed with men
• The baby of a fire fox and a normal fox
• The baby of a fire fox and a normal fire
• The colour of angry men
• The colour of angry women
• The colour of angry anyone (let’s not gender angry colours)
• Like a pantaine commercial, if they were red.
• That colour I wished my rose wine would be, but it never is.
• The colour of immediate social justice
• The hair of a flaming fire battle warrior who has an affinity with fire
• A Pheonix rising from the turquoise ashes of turquois
• Like hades from Disneys Hercules, but red.
• Not blue, but red.
Anyone who uses one of these descriptions at the social tonight will get one hug from me.

Hope everyone’s having a splendid day. See you all later

P.S. I just found out today is “blue Monday”, come to the social and make it RAINBOW MONDAY!
P.P.S. It’s also world fetish day.

The one about Matt Collins and Hipzilla

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HEY! Sorry there hasn’t been a blog for a long time, finalist life has made me both busy and frowny. I don’t have that long to write this, but hopefully it will be ok.

The first thing, and maybe even the most important thing (ever) is who is this Matt Collins? Well he is literally a life saver. He made all of the exec tea at the last exec meeting, and we really needed tea. So he is now my favourite person, and I want to be his best friend #Mattknowswhatmatters #loveMatt. I do sort of now expect tea every exec meeting, I have come used to a certain type of lifestyle that involves tea.

But why did we need tea? Because we have so many events that are being organised! The first event that is being organised is that of the Panel talk on Friday the 27th (the same day I hand in a 100% summative essay…wish me luck, and give me tea). This event will have a several different people on the panel who will represent a variety of different sexual and gender identities. At this event people can come and ask any question. We are aware that a lot of people want to further understand the LGBT+ community, but may not know how to ask, or may be worried about causing offence. This is why we created this event, so that people could ask any question in a safe environment. I hope to see many of you there! More information can be found here

In addition to this we have World Aids day on the 1st of December. The Monday before this (Monday the 30th) will be a red themed social and there will be a charity bucket. This means you’ll get to see me outside of my bright blue stash, spoiler, I’m going to look great. There might be more happening, but I can’t find the email. If you want more information ask Molly or Harriette.

We also met with the staff LGBT network, and then we became friends with them! and have some fun events planned with them. So look out for information about the events, and watch out for the blossoming friendship between us and the staff network #fun #friendship

We also have our weekly socials at Cuths and Osbournes. Remember that Cuths is not only the bar, its also the JCR with a film. I’ve never seen the film as I’m always on duty in the bar (which means me and Harriette literally never see each other. Its very sad). Though a highlight this weeks socialising and shenanigans was me trying to convince Will Emmery (the choreographer of DULOGS recent performance of the great “The Addams Family”) to teach me dances….apparently I dance with my hips too much. I am like hipzilla. If you attend these socials (and hopefully you do!), but don’t know many people attending, feel free to come and hang out with the exec. We’re really #fun!

I want to end this by thanking everyone who attended Transgender Day of Remembrance last weekend. It was an incredibly touching and moving event. For those who haven’t seen, the origami butterflies we made at the event are currently being displayed at the Durham Student Union, alongside a transgender flag.

I didn’t know where to put the pictures in, so there all going down here. #whoneedsstructure

Some of the Origami butterflies
That time we accidentally made a smug corner of glasses wearers….and I wasn’t invited to take part :(
Welfare Bae Molly with more butterflys
the transgender flag outside the union



Stay wonderful,



#fun #friendship

LGBT+a- The blog that became a desperate call for friends

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Now is one of those unusual times in which I am wearing my glasses while I write the blog, this means I can actually see what I’m writing. I don’t know what effect this will have on the quality of the blog, but I’m sure there will be one.

Apologies for not having written a blog for a while, I’ve accidently been sucked up into a whirlwind of theatre and drama, I have just got back from watching “The Thrill of Love” (which was great) and am looking forward to seeing “A Woman in Mind” next week (and looking for someone to see it with me….I don’t want to be a lonely theatre weirdo), so have been neglecting my blog job. As a result of this, there is literally so much to write about in this blog. LITERALLY SO MUCH!

The first thing to discuss is the super exciting name change. After a motion was passed during our EGM, Pres Jo talked to assembly about changing our name to LGBT+a. This is due to how we represent many more identities than the LGB and T, and wanted our name to more accurately portray our representation. This motion then passed!!! WITH UNIVERSAL YES VOTES! Or whatever they’re called. We are now the LGBT+a!! I didn’t attend the assembly meeting, but my twitter is telling me she did a fantastic job! #queercheerforJo


The change has begun

The second thing is that we recently had our annual “Shipwrecked” event. There was so much party that the river was too full for the boat to set sail, but that didn’t stop the party, the party can’t be stopped, because we were party central #fun. Both the bars for costumes, amount of mermaids and amount of shirtless men were risen this year. My sources tell me another boat party may occur this year (and maybe this time I can even feel my lifelong dream of dressing as a boat while being on a boat), so stay tuned for more #fun.

I was the sexiest of sexy witches
I was the sexiest of sexy witches

It wouldn’t be a proper blog if I didn’t mention Educate Celebrate in some form (really I feel we deserve to be their best friends by now). The glam, fab, fun Elly Barnes (CEO of the often spoke about Educate Celebrate) gave a talk about the Pride Youth Network. Even though this was the second time I’ve seen Elly speak, it was the first time I got a sticker from her, granted I had to give it to myself. I essentially stole praise from her. For the Pride Youth Network the Durham University LGBT+ a (almost forgot the +) will be pairing up with educate celebrate and going into several schools and helping them become more LGBT friendly. It was an absolutely great talk, and a brilliant scheme. If you missed the talk you can email Harriet at to get a copy of the presentation, or just email her to get involved. The first meeting is Friday 13th (spooooooky)

Now that I’ve spoken about the past we can talk about, THE FUTURE!!!! On Monday the 9th Teach first is having a debate in which we’re helping! The event page link is here- . The debate is about sexual education and whether it’s being done right at school, it will have a large focus on the whether there should be more inclusion of LGBT+ issues within sex education. It’s at 6:30, in St Marys college, be there or be square (I only recently found out people say that because if you’re not there, you’re not around, so you’re square. It’s clever).


Finally we have a Queens Campus social on Thursday the 12th. I can’t be there so you all have to go in my place. Here’s the event page


Stay Brilliant,




P.S. My twitter is full of tweets about assembly, and it looks so much more fun than when I sat on it. I want to be friends with all of the colleges twitter people.


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It’s that time of year again…

It’s said that All Hallows’ Eve is one of the nights when the veil between the worlds is thin.
‘Tis now the very witching time of night,
When churchyards yawn and hell itself breathes out
Contagion to this world.

This hallowe’en, it’s time to get Shipwrecked.

Tickets available at all Monday night socials or by contacting Maria at, £10 advance, £12 on the night. The boat will begin boarding at 7:30pm and will set sail once all have arrived, returning to dock at around 11:30pm.

There’s a bar on board, so bring cash if you’re wanting to drink. A free BBQ will also be available, with vegetarian options!

Spooky costumes are more than encouraged.

Party for the Parade!

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Sometimes there are days when I absolutely love my role as Media and Publicity exec. Yesterday was one of those days. Yesterday was “Party for the Parade”, an event hosted by Loveshack who where working with Durham Pride. I attended (as a VIP, very Kardashian of me if I may say so) and just took pictures of the event.

I have taken inspiration from one of my friends who had to write a “picture essay”, so this blog will be mostly pictures. Yay!

First things first, there were a lot of people there. Like a lot a lot…


President Jo
Durham Revue president Abi, Ooook theatre company president Matt and red trouser president Steven were there
Aidan’s president  Alice was there and was literally the most excited ever

Also the Durham Diva’s have started working with Durham Pride and were present and fabulous. I was mostly excited because I was allowed to dance with them. It made me feel like the star athlete in a cliché American teen drama.

A wannabe Diva with the Durham Divas
Wannabe Diva Steven with the Durham Divas

There was also incredible entertainment. Tess Tickle and Emma Royed (who was brilliant as Tina Turner) were there (and fabulous as always).


Then Tess Tickle peformed
Tess Tickle
With Emma Royd
With Emma Royd
And the smallest person in the room was their biggest fan
And the smallest person in the room was their biggest fan




Tess also coined my new favourite phrase, “Queer Cheer” as in, “lets give one big queer cheer”. Now whenever I organise anything, I’m going to start by demanding Queer Cheers from everyone.


They were also joined with Kelly Llorenna!!!!


Also there was some fire

There was also some serious stuff though. Mel from Durham Pride took to the stage with his army of Durham Divas  in order to announce the date of this Summers Durham Pride. Which is……..

MONDAY! 30th MAY 2016!!!!!!

Also there was a lot of dancing and merriment.


It was a great night!

Hope everyone there enjoyed themselves!!

Stay brilliant


Weekly Socials

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fb header CUTHS BAR

The LGBTa will be having weekly Rainbow Night socials, kindly hosted by Cuth’s Bar (12 South Bailey), running from 8pm before we head to Osbourne’s bar.

Non-alcoholic drinks available as well as cocktails and all your favourites. This is an all-inclusive event so allies are welcome – bring your friends!

The main bar will be a space for music and drinks, and the smaller back bar will be quieter so you can actually hear the conversations you want to have, and get to know new people. There is also a garden space outside for those of you who don’t like crowds, so it really will be a welcoming event.

*This is an LGBTa safe-space social, meaning the bar staff (and LGBTa President) reserve the right to remove anyone behaving in an inappropriate manner or disturbing the terms of our safe-space policy, and no event photos will be taken. The LGBTa exec will be identifiable by their bright blue stash, and are always willing to listen to any concerns you might have.

National Coming Out Day

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The experience of coming out is different for everybody. Sometimes it’s wonderful, and sometimes it’s upsetting, but it is invariably a scary thing to do. On this ‪#‎NationalComingOutDay‬ we want to share our love and support for all of you; those who have come out, those who will come out, and those who have decided the time is not quite right for you yet.
If you need to talk to anyone about these topics, please do email us.
We will never judge, and all conversations are private and confidential.
If you have a friend who has not yet come out, please don’t pressure them to do so, and definitely don’t ‘out’ them. There are many reasons someone may not feel ready to share their sexuality with others, and it’s important to respect this and be understanding and empathetic

Term Card

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Here’s the termcard for anyone who didn’t get it at the freshers’ fair!
Come and see us for a meet-and-greet in The Library Bar on the bailey at 8:30pm before we head to Osbournes Durham​! There will be snacks!

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 13.31.26

Active Bystander Intervention Training

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Your president, Jo, is working with the lovely Student Officers at the Durham Student Union to roll out Active Bystander Intervention training to over 500 freshers’ reps over the last two days!

We will be running this training in sessions with the LGBTa – if you’re interested in getting involved with the Durham Sexual Violence Taskforce, email us at, or Esther at