Durham Pride 2015

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This year marked the second ever Durham Pride, and the first ever Pride Parade! A huge thanks to all the organisers, especially our good friend Phil Mullen, for all their hard work.

The turnout was exceptional, with LGBTQ+ people and allies out in swarms! The wonderful Miss Tess Tickle was absolutely incredible – make sure you come along to meet her at Osbourne’s Bar on our Monday socials next term!

We hope to see all of you next year, too.

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So Durham has broken up for summer holidays and your LGBTa exec are still working away to organise your events for this upcoming academic year! A huge congratulations to all the Durham finalists for their wonderful degrees and their graduations in the upcoming week. Make sure you don’t trip!

We can’t wait to meet all of you new freshers who are joining us in September. Stay tuned for information about the socials and events we’ll have for you, including the exciting Shipwrecked halloween boat party!

Monday social and welfare drop-in

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Our regular social is tonight (Monday 13th October) from 8.00 p.m. in Kingsgate (the DSU- behind the main reception desk, to the left), probably going on to Osbourne’s at some later point in the evening. There’s an exec meeting from 7 in the LGBT Room (downstairs, immediately to the right down a corridor at the foot of the first flight of stairs, through a door and left), which is open to all. If you want to be met by someone beforehand, message us or text Thom on 07919678576! Apologies for the late post.

Also, welfare open door sessions begin today (Monday) at 11:15 at the Yum cafe in the Palatine Centre, and will occur regularly. If another appointment is needed, please contact welfare@durhamlgbta.org.uk.

Freshers’ social and first PG social!

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Hi everyone! I’m pleased to report we had a very successful freshers’ coffee, with a great turnout and lots of friendly, interesting new people (and rainbow stickers). Now it’s time for our freshers’ social!

This will be Monday 6th October at The Library, the bar formerly known as Varsity, which is on the Bailey, near the academic Waterstone’s. It’s from 19:00 for anyone who hasn’t been before, whatever year you are, and from 20:00 for everyone else. However, if you’re new, don’t feel obliged to come at 7! You can come along whenever suits you. We’ll have exec stationed at three points around town at 6.45 if you’d like to walk over to the venue with people. Kieran (Vice-President) will be just outside the New Inn; Maria (Finance & Sponsorship Officer) will be at the DSU, outside the main entrance under the portico; and Joanna (Welfare Officer) will be in Market Square, by the horse statue. Thom (President) will be at The Library itself waiting for you all and trying not to eat the free food. This is always a great event with lots of old and new faces! Any problems, ring/text me on 07919678576.

Meanwhile, for all you postgraduates and mature students: the first PG social of the year will be on Wednesday (8th) from 20:00 in Castle MCR. This is to the right of the courtyard once you go through the main gate, down some steps and through two doors. Can’t find it? Ring Kieran on 07910956854. Remember you’ll need your campus card to get into Castle! (Something about ensuring drunken students don’t break the mediaeval castle.) N.B. postgrads are very, very welcome at the freshers’ social too!

Freshers’ coffee, social, and other events!

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Welcome, or welcome back, to Durham, everyone! We hope to see you at our inaugural events of the year very shortly:
FRIDAY (3 October): freshers’ coffee, Slug & Lettuce (in Walkergate, down the steps by the Gala cinema- go across the bridge from Market Square and then to the left), from 2 p.m.. All welcome, whether you’re new or not! If you can’t find us, ring or text Thom, the President, on 07919678576.
MONDAY (6 October): freshers’ social, The Library (formerly Varsity, the Bailey). From 7 p.m. for newbies (whether you’re a fresher or just haven’t come before), from 8 p.m. for everyone else. We’ll head on later in the evening to Pride at Osbourne’s. Again, everyone is very welcome and there’ll be some snack food around! Exec will be stationed around town to walk to the venue with people- watch out for details.
WEDNESDAY (8 October): first postgraduate and mature social of the year, Castle MCR, 8 p.m..
And more- our first trans*, international student, and bisexual socials of the year, bar crawl, and Newcastle trip- which we’ll advertise in the near future! Hope to see you all soon…

Freshers’ social and mailing list!

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Hello freshers! We hope you’re looking forward to arriving in Durham, we’re certainly looking forward to meeting you all. We’ll be at Freshers’ Fair in the DSU, if we don’t see you there hopefully we’ll see you at the Freshers’ Social, from 19:00 on Monday 6th October at The Library! (Not the university library…it’s a bar, on the Bailey, near Hatfield College. We’ll have exec members stationed around Durham to meet people and walk there, details will be confirmed!) From 19:00 to 20:00 will be only new students- plus the exec of course (that’s us, the people who run the Association)- and from 20:00 everyone will be welcome. There’ll be some food, as well as plenty of drinks available at the bar!

Before that, on Friday 3rd October, there’ll be a relaxed Freshers’ Coffee from 14:00- we’re just confirming the venue for that, it’ll be posted here. This was a fantastic event last year, and gives you a chance to come and say hello and meet other new students in a quieter setting.

Meanwhile, sign up to our mailing list here to get updates from us about everything that’s going on! We send a weekly email, and occasional other emails, to keep everyone informed. There are plenty more events in the works!

And, of course, don’t hesitate to email lgbta@durham.ac.uk if you have any queries or concerns, even if it’s ‘where’s the best pizza in Durham’ (arguable, possibly Urban Oven). We hope to see or hear from you soon!

Watch this space!

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Hi all, especially new students joining Durham this autumn (2014)! The website is in the process of being updated, but stay tuned for news of how to get involved, our freshers’ socials, and other exciting events coming soon… In the meantime, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us on lgbta@durham.ac.uk! We’ll be very happy to provide help, advice, reassurance, information, even just tips on where to get the best pizza in Durham (though this is hotly debated). See you in October!


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Hi everyone, it’s Katie your new President here and I’d just like to say congratulations to all those new freshers coming to Durham in October, I’m really looking forward to meeting you! (Also looking forward to seeing everyone returning for another year too!)

If you have any questions or queries AT ALL about the LGBTA, who we are or what we do then do not hesitate to contact us on lgbta@durhamlgbta.org.uk =D