Reps and Liaisons

Reps and Liaisons

A key aspect of the Durham Students' Union LGBT+a is representation. We elect individuals to represent a range of students, who are the first port of call if you have any questions!

These Rep and Liaison positions exist to support and promote the interests of those who are considered minorities within the LGBT+ community. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do let us know.

Multiorientation Representative - Fred Banks

Trans Representative (Open Place) - Luke Armitage

Trans Representative (Women's Place) - Position Vacant

Trans Representative (Non-Binary Place) - Position Vacant

International, Exchange, and Erasmus Students Representative - Trà My Hickin

People of Colour Representative - Hamza Rafique

Students with Disabilities Representative - Hazel Anneke

Postgraduate Students Representative - J Smith 

Mature Students Representative - J Smith

People of Faith Representative - Ben George

Asexual Spectrum Representative - Mary Wohrle

Aromantic Spectrum Representative - Mary Wohrle

Intersex Representative - Position Vacant

Open, Polyamory, and Ethical Non-Monogamies Representative  - Harriet Hutchinson

Student Parents and Guardians Representative - Position Vacant

Students with Caring Responsibilities - Position Vacant

Estranged Students Representative - Position Vacant

Allies Liaison - Meghan Hosch

Sports Liaison - Dani Gutierrez

Junior Welfare Officer - Cassandra Bailey

Junior Welfare Officer - Anastasia Gordeeva

Junior Campaigns Officer - Position Vacant

Junior Campaigns Officer - Position Vacant




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