Why is campaigning so important? Campaigning is undoubtedly vital in making a huge impact in the wellbeing of LGBTQ+ people. For example, what has recently been regarded as a breakthrough concerning the rights of LGBTQ+ people within the UK? From 2011, gay men are now allowed to give blood, provided they have abstained from sex for a year. Even more recently was the passing of the Equal Marriage (same-sex couples) bill in the UK.

However there is still, and always will be, more campaigning left to do. There remains much ignorance within the population, shown by the exsistence of ‘conversion therapies’ that aim to change a person’s sexual orientation. Furthermore, there is still also limited awareness concerning trans issues and LBT women’s sexual health needs.

Within Durham University LGBT+a, we aim to raise awareness through our LGBT+ history month events (February) held in Epiphany term. This is a chance for all students across the university to come and see what we are about, as well as a chance to learn more about what being LGBTQ+ means and how we can all support LGBTQ+ people to lead happy and fulfilled lives.

We also have several smaller campaigns throughout the year, which we welcome volunteers to help out with!

To get involved with campaigning, or if you have any ideas, please email [email protected]

This year our Campaigns officer position is occupied by Harriet Haugvik.